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A huge "thank you" to everyone who came out to make this "final chapter" event another huge success!  From all of our generous sponsors, to our fabulous volunteers and our dedicated supporters, this event could not be what it was/is without each and every one of you.

We our humbled at the enormous outpouring over the past 10 years and we will never be able to thank you all enough for helping us year after year.

Below you will find the link for the photos provided free for everyone to enjoy and download, compliments of Kimberly Smith of Faithful Joy Photos.

If you could not attend but purchased shirts that you wish to get, please email us at so that we can coordinate a pick up.  All shirts left unclaimed after 30 days will be considered a donation to the Marine Families organization.

Most importantly you must all remember to NEVER FORGET!

We have spent the last 10 years "educating" our community and it will be your mission now to carry on the legacy of the Run For the Fallen/Tampa Bay event for many generations to come.

We will always cherish the friendship and memories, it was truly amazing!

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